What we are proud of / our pride

The company "Viva Fresh", number 1 for quality in Kosovo!

“Viva Fresh” is the only company in the country, which has won the Medal of Quality, QUDAL, for 2020-2021, in the category of “Local Retail Chain” in Kosovo.

For the year 2021-2022 “Viva Fresh” has won the BEST BUY Award, with the best price-quality ratio in the category “Local retail chain” in Kosovo.



International Partners - EBRD

Viva Fresh enjoys a strong partnership with the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD). In 2020, “Viva Fresh” was the only company that managed to receive financial support of 10 million euros for its future projects.

To contribute to the development and preparation of Kosovo’s youth, “Viva Fresh” has initiated and supported various programs for internships, professional training and employment of Kosovo youth. Some of these activities are:


In building goals for the future, “Viva Fresh” has invested in the development and empowerment of employees. During 2019 alone, over 376 training were organized for 2912 employees. The company organizes over 10 internal training, as well as offers professional training in cooperation with national and international institutions.


Youth support

“Viva Fresh” has initiated and supported various programs for internships, professional training and employment of young people in Kosovo. Some of these activities are:

  1. “Practical work during the academic year” in 5 participating high schools
  2. “Practical work during the working season” in cooperation with GIZ
  3. “Senior Professionals” in cooperation with the University of Prishtina.
  4. “Master Training” in cooperation with 35 students of the University of Prishtina – Faculty of Economics, Master level.

Community assistance

Social responsibility is a very important part of our company, so staying close to the citizens in the most difficult days, our company has launched and supported many charity projects.


Aid to Albania during the earthquake

“Viva Fresh”, together with the Kosovo Chamber of Commerce and many other companies, in an organized manner, have launched first aid to compatriots in Albania, for those affected by the November 2019 earthquake.

Donations for families in need

“Viva Fresh Store” and “Buçaj” have allocated 110,000.00 euros donations for families in need during the Covid-19 pandemic. This donation has helped 5,000 families with essential products.


Assistance for families affected by floods

In November 2019, “Viva Fresh” has donated over 100 food packages to help families affected by rain and snow.

Assistance for the victims of the explosion in Ferizaj

After the terrible explosion in Ferizaj, the owner of the company “Viva Fresh”, Mr Xhevdet Rexhepi visited the injured. On this occasion, he offered an assistance of 10,000 euros.