Meat products

We offer safe 100% fresh and organic meat every day, from our meat processing factory to your homes.

Fruits and vegetables

Here you will find the widest variety of fruits and vegetables, from seasonal to exotic fruits imported from around the world.

Dairy Sector

We offer all dairy products from artisanal and organic cheeses with different flavours, to imported milk of soy, almond, coconut, etc.

Pastries Corner

Every morning you can find delicious fresh pastries ranging from different types of bread to muffins, byrek, house pies, mantia, and sweet pastries. Contact 049998463 to order any pastries, such as pies, flies, mantias and more.


Fashion Sector

You can find the latest collections for children, youngsters, and the whole family in the fashion assortment. The “Fashion” sector also contains exclusive clothing lines such as Disney, Melons, etc.

Home Sector

Thousands of home products ranging from cooking utensils, electrical appliances to other essentials for the family environment.

Hygiene Sector

In this sector, you can find all products for the needs of the little children up to home hygiene, cosmetics, and personal hygiene, with premium quality and at the cheapest prices.

Viva Garden

The exclusive line of garden products, from flowers, pines, wooden seedlings, to garden equipment and attractive seats, compose the paradise of every “Viva Fresh”’s point of sale.

Beverage Sector

All brands of water, soft drinks, squeezed fruits, carbonated, energy drinks, caffeine drinks, up to the most famous ones.

Dry Program

All the basic ingredients for your meals and all the other nutritional supplements for your family.